mandag 25. september 2017

Menu Plan Monday Week 39

It's Monday, which means it's time for a new Menu Plan Monday post thanks to Laura at I'm an Organizing Junkie. This week is going to be slightly hectic due to the fact that not only am I going on a cheesemaking course, but there's also a family birthday party coming up. Does anyone have any good ideas on what to give a 13 year old teenage boy for his birthday btw? Ugh, why does it seem like it's so much easier to buy presents for females?

Stock photo from Pexels
Monday; Fish Fingers
Tuesday; Spinach Soup
Wednesday; Fish Fingers
Thursday; Heinz Tomato Soup
Friday; Family birthday
Saturday; Fish Fingers
Suday; Vegetable Soup

What's on your menu plan this week? Feel free to comment below.

søndag 24. september 2017

15 Cheap Autumn Date Ideas

Personally, I feel that there is something romantic about autumn. It's the season where you can snuggle up with your loved one on a cold and rainy night and feel a certain comfort that one doesn't get during the summer. If you are among those who have a partner and are in need of autumn date ideas, you can check out this list that I've written. The  reason why I made a list of cheap date ideas are relatively simple; it doesn't have to cost the shirt in order to be romantic and a success.
Stock photo from Pexels

  1. Watch a scary movie together
  2. Go to a coffee shop and drink pumpkin spice lattes
  3. Carve pumpkins
  4. Take a walk in the woods and enjoy the scenery with the change of colour on the leaves
  5. Go on a ghost hunt
  6. Attend a harvest festival or go to a farmers market
  7. Visit a pumpkin patch
  8. Have a bonfire (or light a fire in a fire pit) and sip some hot drinks
  9. So some autumn baking (think apples, pumpkins, etc)
  10. Watch the sunset or sunrise (bonus if it's on the beach or in the mountains)
  11. Have an outdoor workout together
  12. Pick an older TV-series and watch it from the beginning
  13. Fly kites on a windy day
  14. Have a bike ride on a scenic path
  15. Visit a flea market together
Do you have any other good date ideas? Or have you been to a nice autumn date? Feel free to comment below.

lørdag 23. september 2017

Weekend Cooking; Easy Foil Pack Dinners

Slightly inspired by the last Weekend Cooking post I wrote on sheet pan dinners, I figured out that in the line of quick and easy dinners with little clean up, I wanted to search for foil-pack dinners. The end result is this post. Come on, I think most of us enjoy making easy dinners that tastes yummy. Even though there's probably people who thinks that foil pack dinners are for summers only, I believe they can be made all year around.

Stock photo from Pexels

Here's the recipes.

fredag 22. september 2017

Friday Finds; 10 AirBnB Places With Scenery On A Budget

(This post contains affiliate links. This means that if you purchase something through said link, you will help keeping Add Norwegian Lifestyle running).

The autumn is great in terms of going on hikes due to the amazing and warm colours on the foilage. AirBnB (affiliate link) is a great place to find charming places to stay if you want to explore some scenery and I've found 10 places to stay on a budget (they all are under £50 a night) and the countries represented on the list are Romania, Scotland, England and Poland with some beautiful places to hike.

Do you have any recommendations on great places to hike? Or have you ever used AirBnB? Feel free to share in the comment section below.

tirsdag 19. september 2017

Making a Home; How To Easily Add a Touch of Autumn in Your Home

Autumn is more and more present at the moment with the change of colours on the leaves and shorter days. For me, one of the more fun things at the moment is decorating my apartment in an autumn-theme.
It doesn't need to cost that much in terms of time, labour or money to add a touch of autumn in the home decor and today I will give you some ideas on how to do it.

Some of my ideas include:
  1. Fill a bowl or a lantern with pumpkins and gourds
  2. Add a throw blanket to a chair or the sofa (plaid, wool, autumn colours etc)
  3. Add a pillow on the couch (woodland, typography, autumn colours etc)
  4. Fill a vase or a glass dome with acorns, chestnuts and/or pinecones
  5. Light some autumn scented candles
  6. Fill a vase with autumn-coloured flowers as a table centerpiece
  7. Do some autumn crafts and display them somewhere in your home (feel free to check out this post if you want inspiration)
  8. Frame an autumn-inspired printable and hang it up (feel free to check out this post for some free printables)
  9. Buy some autumn-inspired napkins

Do you have any great ideas yourself when it comes to autumn decor? Feel free to share in the comment section below.

mandag 18. september 2017

Menu Plan Monday Week 38

It's Monday, which means it's time to write a new Menu Plan Monday post, thanks to Laura at I'm an Organizing Junkie. I completely forgot to write a post last week, but I'll make up for it today instead.

Here's my menu plan for this week;
Monday; Spaghetti Bolognese
Tuesday; Leftovers from Monday
Wednesday; Fish Fingers
Thursday; Heinz Tomato Soup
Friday; Norwegian Lapskaus (example of recipe, but I'll make my own and write it down so I can post it)
Saturday; Leftovers from Friday
Sunday; Heinz Tomato Soup

lørdag 16. september 2017

Weekend Cooking; 16 Sheet Pan Dinners

Sometimes we all are in need of some quick and easy dinners which doesn't require too much clean up afterwards. Enter sheet pan dinners and today I wanted to share with you some recipes that I've found.

Did I mention that sheet pan dinners are simple and easy? Yes. Did I also mention that most of these recipes includes veggies, which means you can get some of the nutrients that one needs? No, but now I did, which means that the recipes are not only simple and easy, but also (somewhat) healthy.

Stock photo from Pexels

Here's the recipes;
Honey Glazed Salmon
Maple Salmon
Mustard Salmon
One Sheet Pan Garlic Roasted Salmon with Brussels Sprouts
One Tray Spicy Brown Sugar Salmon With Vegetables
Sheet Pan Teriyaki Salmon
Sheet Pan Baked Blackened Tilapia With Zucchini
Sheet Pan Steak with Potatoes and Broccoli
Sheet Pan Mini Meatloaf With Potatoes And Green Beans
Parmesan Chicken
Peanut Chicken
Greek Chicken Sheet Pan Dinner with Green Beans and Feta
Sheet Pan Honey Apricot Chicken and Asparagus
Sheet Pan Bruschetta Chicken
Easy Sheet Pan Cashew Chicken
One Pan Honey Lemon Chicken Asparagus

Have you ever made sheet pan dinners? If you have, do you have a favourite go-to recipe? Feel free to share in the comment section below.